History of the New Testament Canon

Did you ever ask yourself, how and why did we end up with the New Testament as it exists today? Why these 27 books, which we call the New Testament part of the Bible.


In this slide by slide study course we will look at historical documents and facts that reveal the when, the how and the who that determined the final list of accepted books.

Historical Facts surrounding the Resurrection

Outside of the Bible record, is there actual hard evidence that Jesus ever lived, died and did the impossible: reverse death? In this study we will look at historical documentation that can answer these timeless questions.

Looking at scientific facts, laws and recent discoveries. The objective of study is to compare the Theory of Creation against the Theory of Evolution and to observe which model is best supported by the evidence.

Admittedly, Drew De Grado is not a scientist nor a theologian. Not relying on the beliefs or agendas of others, he was looking for honest answers to questions. Why are we here, how did we come to be. Drew has spent years researching a variety of resources and organized them into an easy to follow set of slides & videos. In this study he shares the information he has found.

Is there really Evidence of a Creator or Not?




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